Consular Services Authentications

Authentications - Consulate General of Panama in Toronto


*Stricly through appointment. Call or e-mail us before you come in.
  1. Documents to be authenticated must be previously notarized (Notary Public) and certified by Official Documents Services of Ontario ( or the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. These documents include hotel invoices, bank letters, copies of passports, short form or wallet size birth certificates, short form marriage certificates, etc.
  2. The following documents do not need to be notarized by a public notary, but do need to be authenticated by the Consul:
    • High school transcripts or post secondary transcripts - 6 months old (elementary school report cards do not qualify)
    • True Photostatic copies of birth certificates or marriage certificates (long form)
    • Police records ( Please note, you must provide the full name of the issuing officer. Only RCMP with picture and fingerprints are accepted in Panama for immigration records).
    • International Health Certificate stamped by the Food Inspection Agency
  3. These documents are valid providing they contain the full name, signature and seal from the person and institution that issued the document.

    If the document does not contain the full name of the person who issued or signed the document, we will be unable to process it directly and should contain the necessary certifications as indicated in point number one (1).

  4. The Authentication fee for each document is USD $30.00 for the first page and USD $2.00 per additional page attached to the first page.
  5. Bank draft or Money Order made payable to "Consulate General of Panama: Toronto".
  6. You may send the documents by mail to be authenticated
  7. If you decide to send it by mail, you must include a pre-paid Canada post envelope with the return address or a waybill with the account number and address.
  8. Letter to the Consulate General of Panama indicating the following information: Name, Phone Number and Email.
  9. In Panama, the documents must be translated to Spanish and Apostilled at the Department of Authentications in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cancilleria).
  10. Authentications do not have expiration date.