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Vessel Registration - Consulate General of Panama in Toronto

Panamanian legislation requires that every vessel under Panamanian flag carries an updated version of the following books:

  • Oil record book
  • Official log book
  • Vessel crew logbook

These books must be authenticated by the Consulate and sealed in each page. For your convenience we have enabled a simple way to order online.

Once ordered we can send them by regular mail or express courier as per your request.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: If you order 15+ Log or Oil books you will receive FREE express courier (2-3 days delivery) anywhere in the world.

Our office serves as a one-stop-shop for Vessels registration with the Panamanian Flag, please contact us and we will guide and assist you through the requirements of the registration.

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Law 57- August 6, 2008

Designation of resident agent issued by ship owner. Original document or authenticated copy from a Panamanian Consulate.
Prima facie evidence of the ownership of the vessel, or the intention to acquire it.
Receipt of payment of the corresponding fees and taxes


Vessel registry application request form.


These are the registry fees required by Panamanian law. Additionally you may be entitled to fleet volume and newly built ships discounts. Please contact our office, we would be glad to assist you in any matter you may request.

Registry fee
More than Up to $USD
- 2,000 500.00
2,000 5,000 2,000.00
5,000 15,000 3,000.00
15,000 * 3,000.00

*Plus $ 0.10 per GRT up to a maximum fee of $ 6,500

Additionally to the Registry Fee, the following taxes should be paid for the first year

  • Annual tax
  • Annual inspection fee
  • Annual consular fee
  • Annual investigation fee

Example of the costs of registering a vessel with the Panamanian Flag

Vessel specifications
Building year 2012
Type Commercial Container Cargo
Gross Tonnage (GRT) 92,727
Net Tonnage (NRT) 60,492
Cost of Registration
Registry fee $6,500.00
Annual Tax $6,049.20
Annual Consular fee $3,000.00
Annual Inspection fee $1,200.00
Annual Investigation fee $500.00
+3% of net tonnage $1,814.76
Sub-Total $19,063.96
- Discount of 60% for new building -$11,438.38
Total $7,625.58

*The total yearly recurring would include all fees except the Registry fee. In this example the yearly recurring would be $12,563.96 minus the discount while valid.

Please contact us for a detail of the fees applicable to your vessel.