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Other Maritime Services - Consulate General of Panama in Toronto

Below are other commonly requested maritime services in which we can provide an expedite solution. Please contact our office to request any of these services or if you would like more information.

Other maritime services
Service $USD
Radio license provisional extension (3 months) $250.00
Navigation certificate extension (1 month) $150.00
Vessel change of ownership $1,100.00
Change of registered vessel tonnage $1,100.00
Change of vessel name $1,100.00
Cancelation of Panamanian registry $1,100.00
Mortgage registration
Mortgage cancellation
Bill of sale $ 20 per document + $ 30 per signature authentication

At a glance, these are the services we provide:

For vessels

  • Vessel registration
  • Annual taxes payment
  • Radio licenses
  • Provisional Registration of Navigation Certificate (and extension)
  • Log, Oil, Crewlist books
  • Other vessel services such as:
    o Bill of sale
    o Mortgage registration
    o Cancelation of flag

For crew

  • Seaman books endorsement
  • Endorsement of titles and certificates

Be assured that all services we provide are delivered expedited, with quality and according to your business needs.