Maritime Services Log, Oil and Crewlist Books

Log, Oil and Crewlist Books - Consulate General of Panama in Toronto

Panamanian legislation requires that every vessel under Panamanian flag carries an updated version of the following books:

  • Oil record book
  • Official log book
  • Vessel crew logbook

These books must be authenticated by the Consulate and sealed in each page. For your convenience we have enabled a simple way to order online.

Once ordered we can send them by regular mail or express courier as per your request.

logbook crewlist oilbook
Vessels' books
Rate Discounted*
Oil record book (oilbook) 95.00 85.50 70.00 63.00
Official log book (logbook) 95.00 85.50 70.00 63.00
Vessel crew logbook (crewlist book) 65.00 58.50 25.00 22.50

*You are entitled to receive the discounted rate by sending the vessel name and receipt of last taxes payment together with the request. The vessel must have no outstanding balance.